Half elf, half human, the Half-elves have a mixture of abilities derived from their two parent races. Tall and lithe like the elves, the Half-elves are a bit stronger and tougher than elves, while they can’t quite compete with Humans in these areas. They are somewhat faster than Humans, though. They are not, however, immune to diseases like their elven predecessors.


Half-elves are very skilled in the art of magic. Their mental capabilities are somewhere in between Humans and elves, making them excellent wizards or clerics.


Half-elves do not have culture of their own. Depending on where they are raised, at the Human parents or at the elf parents, they adapt to these cultures. Many Half-elves are somewhat loners, not fully accepted into Human or elf settlements, because in elf perspective they grow up quickly and do not live long enough, and in Human perspective they grow up slow.


Like elves, the Half-elves are intelligent and dextrous and make excellent magic users. They are not quite as frail as elves though, so they are a bit more suitable for physical rigors such as melee combat. They have bright minds and recover from mental strain more easily than most races.

Recommended Guilds:

Maximum Stats (Average: 110)

Constitution          99
Intelligence         143
Strength              88
Dexterity            110

Maximum Vitals (Average: 605)

Hit Points           544
Spell Points         788
Fatigue Points       544