Hobbits are small hominids with extraordinary speed and dexterity. They are tough and healthy, but not strong. Hobbits have extremely acute hearing, and while small, are good fighters. They are similar to Dwarves in stature, but not as brawny. Hobbits are susceptible to many of the Human diseases, but heal at a modest rate if injured.


Hobbits exhibit average to high intellect, with quick wits being their strong point. They are very adept at learning, being able to master any weapon or object (such as a lockpick) with little effort.


Hobbits are gregarious creatures, although they do use the Human language exclusively. They like to chat (and share meals!) with members of all races, although they do have an aversion to Trolls. Being a sneaky folk, many non-Hobbits heal uncomfortable with Hobbits near.


Hobbits are tough, small, quick race capable of great feats of dexterity and subterfuge. Hobbits have been observed to attack a monster and leave the room before the opponent could react. Almost natural Thieves, Hobbits are of average intelligence and voracious appetites. A full grown Hobbit will eat as much as an adult Troll. They like to have 6 warm meals a day. Hobbits also drink vast amounts of alcohol with little effect.

Recommended Guilds:

Maximum Stats (Average: 110)

Constitution          88
Intelligence          99
Strength              55
Dexterity            198

Maximum Vitals (Average: 605)

Hit Points           483
Spell Points         544
Fatigue Points       694