The Sea

The world of StickMUD is spread over six islands that cross a vast sea. The islands are Tristeza Island, Pirate Island, Chios Island, Asahi Island, the Isle of Laite and the North Pole. There are various reasons for exploring each, but this is a short tutorial on how to get started.

Find the Harbour

Each island has a harbour (or harbor if you like to spell it that way) and the Tristeza Harbour is the quickest to find if you are new to the game. Go east from the City of Tristeza and you will find a southeast exit that takes you in the right direction.

Buy or Rent a Ship

The inn near the harbour is the place where you can rent an existing ship, or buy one and name it. The advantage to buying one is there will always be one available when you login, as sometimes when we have our sailing event these are in short supply.

Hire a Crew

While you are at the inn, hire five or six sailors who could help you manage your vessel. You will need help!

Buy Equipment

Also pick up some cannonballs and a spyglass while you are at the inn. Pirates and sea battles happen, and the spyglass could be given to a member of your crew to see far into the distance and help you navigate.

Set sail!

Go find your ship in the harbour. Type the ship name to walk onto the gangplank, then ship again to get on the boat. Once you are on the boat, raise gangplank and heave anchor. Your crew will help you get under way. After the anchor is on-board, steer ne (northeast) and set all sails. Once the crew has unfurled the sails, trim sails to 100 and get moving!

While at Sea

Now that you are at sea, send a member of your crew up to the crow’s nest to get a better look. Give spyglass to monster 1 and eyes monster 1 to send a crew member to the top of the boat. You can then type eyes and get a good report of what’s around you. You may want to pick Pirate Island as your first destination. Navigate in the direction you want to go as best you can, paying attention to the wind speed and direction so that you can get there as quickly as possible. Sometimes moving in a straight-line is not necessarily the fastest way to get from point A to point B on the sea! You can use directional commands, like steer n or steer ssw, or use one of the 360 degrees to point your ship in the right direction (i.e. steer 275).

Land ho!

To reach land again you need to get near enough to a harbour to dock your ship. If you are going to Pirate Island from Tristeza, you will need to navigate around the island to find the harbour. Let the wind help you determine which way to go around the island, but beware that weather on the open sea changes fast, such that you could be either stuck in a place with no wind for time, or be caught up in a hurricane moving at 14 knots and pushing off your intended course fast. Get within 1 nautical mile of the harbour and use the sail to harbour command to park your vessel.

Time to Explore

Once you’ve navigate among the rocks and other ships in the harbour, your crew will trim the sails and anchor to the port. Use the land exit to walk to the docks. Stop by the inn to recharge before exploring your new found land. If you do end up in trouble and die, you can use the transcend command at any inn to get back to your ship. Explore what else you can do with the shiphelp command and speak in pirate on the sea channel.